I’m standing here, breaking out in a sweat in a closet. My mom was slaughtered terribly, cut from ear to ear, making a permanent smile. Her throat was slit, and her esophagus was cut and ripped out as well as her eyes, brutally gouged out.

That... THING that killed her is out there, waiting for me. It has long, lanky arms that hang to its knees, while its claw like nails scrape the floor as it walks... Its dark face had no mouth or nose, only large, beady eyes that glare at you, and stare into your soul.

Before all this happened, I was sitting on my computer in my basement room, playing games and such. It was 3:14 am when I heard a scream and a nasty choking and coughing coming from my mother’s room. I went to go investigate, as she was all I had.

While I was sneaking up the stairs, I heard a loud scraping noise. I peeked into my living room, nearly vomiting at the sight of a blood trail, coming from the hallway, all the way out to the living room, leading to my mangled mother. Above her, was some monster, scraping a random symbol into the wall that resembled an eye. I immediately started sprinting into my mother’s room and hid in my mother’s closet, hearing the thing, slowly creeping down the hallway

Then I wake up. Still mentally disturbed from that terrifying nightmare, I walk up the stairs to the bathroom where I relieve myself and wash my face to calm myself down.

Still a little traumatized, I walk out the kitchen and make myself a bowl of cereal, and begin to walk to the couch, where I drop my cereal everywhere. On the wall were exactly the same carvings I seen in my dream the night before...