This is a series of 3 very short pastas. enjoy :P I want your opinion

1. Never had

One day I went with a frient to his farm house over week end. I was here before and It had always been a wonderful few days. But something had always bugged me. Whenever we went to sleep I heard these scratching noises down at the front door. One night I couldnt hold it back anymore. I asked him, "What does the scratching mean?" He shrugged. "Nah, don't worry, thats just my dog." So I laid back into my bed and tried to sleep. That was when it struck me. I NEVER HAD A DOG!!!

2. Never been

Two weeks ago I bought a Nintendo DS. With the console came a free "Call of Duty" game. As soon as I got home I put the game into the DS and started to play. It was just like the old times as could play as my favorite game charakter again: Link. After two hours of play I finally got to the fire temple and decided that it was enough for today. I closed the DS, turned it off and took a deep breath. Thats when I noticed it. THE CONSOLE HAD NEVER BEEN PLUGGED IN!!!

3. How

One day after I came home from school, I heard a voice from the floor above me: "Rudolph, come up here, I got to give you something." I was tired and actually I was looking forward to play a little "Craft of Worldwar" with my best friend. But it was my mum calling. Quickly I made my way upstairs until I stood in front of her room. I grabbed the handle and hesitated. This couln*t be. If this was my mother, HOW DID SHE KNOW MY NAME???


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