Story Edit

This is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time. A few years ago an alternate version of the Thomas And Friends episode “A Close Shave For Duck” aired. At the time I was home alone watching reruns of old episodes. When A Close Shave came on, i was excited because at the time this was my favorite episode. It started out normally with Duck helping Edward up the hill with his freight cars, they break away, and catch up to duck.

Now this is where the episode changed course.

I noticed that several tanker cars were in the runaway and that instead of going down the line towards James and eventually the barber shop, Duck is switched into another line where he passes the station and the barber shop. He passes the docks and the beach before nearing a bend. This is where his driver says: “Oh my god, there’s a neighborhood up ahead”. A bend is shown ahead. The camera switches to his drivers attempting to brake inside the cab. But due to the the speed of the train, the brakes do nothing. Duck approaches the bend and starts tipping with sparks coming out of his wheels. The camera switches to his driver covering his eyes. Duck flies off the rails and lands upside down with his cars hitting houses. Then the screen goes black and lightens back up showing the houses destroyed with everything on fire. The tiny wooden people have their limbs off with realistic blood on them. Duck is shown upside down with almost his entire top ripped off. It then shows a sad thomas carrying a destroyed duck to the scrapyard. and then Duck is sitting with other scrapped engines. At that part the screen goes to color bars with the words “I’m sorry” and ends.

Research Edit

I later realized this was based on The Cajon Pass Wreck Of 1989. But i could not find any information on when this episode was made or why they made it. I will continue my research until I find the actual reason this episode was aired.