Rainbow Dash began to feel knots in her stomach. Her nightmares were getting worse every night. Today she'd woken up due to the fact in her nightmare, she'd killed Pinky. She was gonna commit suicide soon. That was it. If her nightmare got the best of her, she'd be a monster. A dead pony. It was time to share her nightmare with a doctor pony. She flew to a hospital, and found a new doctor who had just been hired. She went to the doctor and asked for an appointment.

Can I make an appointment? she asked.

Sure, the new doctor said. And they both went into a room.

So what do you want to know? he asked.

It's okay to have nightmares, right? Dash asked.

Everyone has nightmares, ma'am, he said.

Well, I'm having a horrible nightmare, and it's going on every night, Dash sobbed.

What happens in your nightmare? he asked.

In my dream, one of my freinds is killing me by using my insides to make cupcakes! Dash yelled. The doctor acted suprised. No one had ever told him that. He got scared.

What? Dash asked. Did you just say that someone is killing you? the doctor asked.

Yes! Dash screamed. She was immediatly kicked out of the hospital. That night. She commited suicide. She almost made it too. And then she woke up. Only a dream.................