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I lived in a nice home. The house had two bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, a living room, a large kitchen, an attic, a garage, and a basement. I did not know about this room I found though. It was Huge and nice, but it frightened me.

It was about 8:00, I got up and ate breakfast, and played on my computer. I noticed something strange about the desktop. The desktop had a picture of an enter mat on it. I wondered about this, but decided on the belief it was just a glitch.

I had a dreams where I saw a tall creepy looking door with a spiky door knob. I went in the dark door with a lantern I picked up beside the sad looking door. There seemed to be some type of surgery going on in the room. The patient was being cut open brutally and the organs were being put in the fridge. Then I woke up from the horrible nightmare.

I went out of the place as fast as I could and left my computer room I fell asleep in. I went to the basement to watch TV. Something told me to look around. I looked for a while with one of my cats to keep me company so I was less scared from the extreme horror. I found a pathway, but was too terrified to go in at that moment. I decided to enter later.

I had a nap and when I woke up there was a scalpel in my hand and a cut on my arm. I freaked out, and went for a walk to leave the house. I left to go for a walk on the beach, and maybe take a dip in the water. I noticed a very strange looking fish in the water and it had extremely sharp teeth. It bit me with it's sharp teeth and powerful jaws. I told the lifeguard about this incident. He told me "Leave and don't come back." I called the police and they told me that there was no problem.

I saw something weird in the lifeguards lunchbox, a harvested, bloody human heart. I also saw another scalpel in the policeman's utility belt, but more bloody than previous ones, and with strange remnants on it. I ran back home. I couldn't help but enter the passage. I wanted to know what was there.

As I went in the terrifying passageway, there was bloody people everywhere and fridges full of organs with people eating them. And doctors harvesting organs. I ran out of my house and never came back.

One day I woke up to find stitches in me. I went in for an X-ray and the doctor said I lost a kidney! Template:Sort