hy there by name is smee. and today i was going to a nickeloden park but i see a abandoned place i wasgoing in that abandoned place and see what s about i see a lot of abandoned stuff around here there was doors that was locked i found a key that unlocks one of theses doors. one unlocks and go in it and it shows a lot broken and abandoned stuff. i found a mascot room that was locked i found ahother key that unlocks the mascot room . its unlocks it and slowly walk in to the room it showed spongebot squarepants mascots. on them was black eye spongebob moscot on the floor. i looked away. about when i was going get out of this abandoned nickeloden place that black eye spongebob gets up said. u cant run away. and took hes head off. i was trying to run i cant. i made out. but that abandoned niceloden place was gone. thats the end of my story