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Jamie didn't know why she married Frank. He was abusive, rude, and chauvinistic. One of the only ways to satisfy Frank day to day was to buy and cook fresh liver from the butcher shop down the street every day for lunch.

One day, she decided to buy a different cut from the butcher, as it was a little cheaper.

Frank always had been very picky about his meat, so to be sure it came out all right, Jamie cooked a bit of it beforehand and tried some to be sure it would be good.

"Wow!" thought Jamie. "This is really good liver!" She couldn't help but cook up more.

While some more liver cooked, she went to read the newspaper. She read the newspaper while she ate the liver. She came to an obituary page. A woman died of entirely unknown causes, and in perfect health!

"What a shame," thought Jamie. It was at that time that she noticed that she had absentmindedly eaten all of the liver.

"Good liver," said Frank that night. "Very good. You should try some!"

"No thank you, I'm full." said Jamie.

Ted woke up and read the newspaper as always. He came to an obituary page.

"Man Dies From Supposed Food Poisoning, Wife Under Question".

"Hmm," thought Ted. "Strange times we are livin' in."