I am not mad! I am not mad! Please! You've got to listen! The doctors don't believe me! They think I did it! But I didn't!

Let me start at the beginning. You know the story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol? I'm a huge fan of it. I love all the movie adaptations except the sequel by Tim Burton. My favorite characters were the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter and especially Alice. One night I decided to watch the Disney adaptation for what was probably the hundredth time. It started out normally, Alice sitting near the tree with her cat. When it got to the part where Alice was falling down the rabbit hole things started to get weird. The audio became distorted and the picture turned black and white. Not black and white as in the original TVs but literally black and white. When Alice got to the room with the Drink Me bottle I started to hear a growl coming from the TV. Then suddenly, the movie cut off. An extremely disturbing picture of the Cheshire Cat began to flash on the screen. A very evil and malevolent voice started to talk.

"Down. Down the rabbit hole. Fall. Fall faster and faster. Join us in madness."

I quickly shut off the TV. The hell was going on? The movie never acted like that before. I ejected the DVD but when it came out it was covered in blood.

Over the course of the next few days, things started to get worse. I received a phone call from the police telling me that all of my friends had been brutally killed and torn apart. Every night, I heard the same voice from the TV. It kept repeating the same thing.

"Down. Down the rabbit hole. Fall. Fall faster and faster. Join us in madness".

One day, I woke up to find a quote from Alice in Wonderland written in blood on my wall. It was one of Alice's sayings. Curiouser and curiouser. As the nights went on, the voice became more hateful and horrific. Finally, one night became worse. The voice was...too terrifying for me to describe in words. This time, it said something different.


It started to laugh maniacally and then...everything went black. I woke up here in this asylum. The doctors said I was in my living room, covered in blood and muttering about painting the roses red.

Please you've got to help. did this to me. It possessed me and made me do it. That horrific and twisted cat.