Humans all look the same. We all claim to possess things that make us "unique" or "one of a kind". Our physical appearances certainly reinforce this delusion; the whole eyes, skin and hair side of the token. It's even said we're different on the inside. Understanding. Conniving. Misguided. Committed. All of these are terms we complacently give ourselves. On the contrary, it is all very different.

People are monotonous in nature. They have short lived novelty, but after about a month with the average human being day-to-day interactions become mundane. For most of my life, it's just been going through the motions.

Being an anatomy professor, I'm very familiar with the clockwork of the human body. I specialized in this line of study because I once found it fascinating how we function, inside and out. Now, my profession is but a mere guise for a much worthier cause: To change others.

Change must sometimes be ushered in by nothing more than sheer force. I lure young, unsuspecting college students into helping me move some supplies, or offer tutoring to the student in class with a blank expression and a lazy slouch. It is then that they become part of the ultimate solution - willing or not - that is true individuality.

Arms and legs are switched with each other. Noses, eyes, and ears are manipulated and stretched to proportions that are simply cutting edge. The nerve endings are all respectively attached so the newly placed limb is functional and so the subject is still alive. After all, change has no purpose without practicality.

Soon, everyone will be different. They won't be all the same.

You're probably more of the same, but do not worry. Change is coming.