this is teh story of why i dont support the chinese. i was a genral in nam, but in the 90s, i started getting nitemares, about te chinese tortring me. it was bad. like really bad. then, one day, i sleptwalk and wen i woke up, i was in a large bed. i looked up, and it was a chinese man!!! currently. im still there, OH MY GOD ITS DINAMITE OH MY GOOOOOOMJSFKGSERTHE- this was found on a computer in th desert, i must finish the story. so when he died, the chinese figured out he was chinese. because. the chinese are bad... even worse then... A GAY!!!! thats rite. the russiens went to bed and never woke up, BECAUSE OF A CHINESE. the chinese also hid saddom hossein. i talked to a chinese man before, mr sanchez. but i didnt know he was a chinese man. then, one day, i saw him. he had the eyes of a chinese. then. when he realized his mistake. he shoot himself. maybe it was for the best. all i know is- wait. is that a chinese? OHMYGOSHEGKWERGWRH

Written by Suzanne Collins