It was 3:00 in the morning and I decide to watch some TV, then I went to channel 17 and I saw Arthur and I was thinking Huh, I though PBS Kids didn't air until 6am but I watched it anyway. I found out this was supposed to be the season 5 finale and series finale before getting replaced. It was recorded on November 24, 2000.

It started out with the intro, it was a little bit choppy and then the episode started out with Arthur and D.W. in the living room watching TV, fighting over what to watch. Then, the parents came in and said ''Um, Arthur, we need to tell you something'', they're voices sounded a little weird and unusual. Then Arthur said ''What is it?'', then Mr. Read said ''Um, Pal has...….passed'', Arthur yelled ''WHAT?!" which sounded a somewhat distorted.

Then the camera zoomed to school, Arthur looked depressed and at his desk group were Buster, Fern and Sue Ellen. They got concerned for him, So he told them what happened, ''Guys, my dog Pal died'', They gasped. Then Arthur got on his knees and started crying with his hands over his face, his crying was not a cartoonish type of crying, it sounded like the voice actor but distorted. Fern and Buster got on their knees and started comforting him. ''Shh, It's okay, Arthur, It is going to be okay'' Fern said. After they were done consoling him, the camera started to glitch out here and there.

Then he got home, he looked very angry. ''What's Wrong, Does Baby Need His Diaper'' D.W. teased and she continued to tease him until he got out a knife and stabbed her and started cutting her open and pulling out her insides, Then D.W. was dead, Then the parents got furious at Arthur for killing his sister and then Arthur went on a killing rampage at everyone at home and decided to run away from home.

He then went in an alleyway and grabbed out a gun and shot himself (the answer to where he got the gun from may never be known), then the screen turned black. Then everyone, including his closest friends, Buster, Francine, Muffy, the Brain, Binky and Fern were at his funeral, all were wearing black and all crying but again, not the cartoonish type of crying, they sounded like their voice actors, but distorted. Then the screen turned to black and the episode ended.

I could not believe what I just saw, then slapped myself twice, to make sure this was a dream or real. Then, I never saw the episode again.

P.S. This is NOT trollpasta, so don't even think about it and Arthur's friends didn't look like Arthur's age, they looked a little older (yet suprisingly still in his class), Binky looked around 12, Brain looked around 11, Fern looked around 10 and the rest of them looked around 9 while Arthur remained 8.