Introduction Edit

Hi! XxKant99xX here again to bring you my next Creepypasta. Now, I did say in the comments that I was going to do one about BobbyIsPoopy, but I could not get the starting right, and it just didn't work out. I wasn't really a fan of Arthur, but after the incident I hate Arthur now! I rushed this a bit due to my schedule, but hopefully you won't hate too much. So, I bring you... Arthur's Suicide! So, without further ado, let the Pasta begin!

The Story Edit

I was with my brother and I was bored. So he made me watch Arthur. I said "Do I have to?" He replied quickly, saying "You Must!" It was pretty much boring, and when the Theme song came up it was normal. But I saw this image flash quickly and I could barely make out what it was. We used to love Arthur as kids. The good thing it is still on TV. But we never got see the new episodes, because we got to new things, like Dora the Explorer, Spongebob and Thomas the Tank Engine. I asked my brother if he saw it, and he said "No. Are you having hallucinations?" I replied "No! I'm being serious!"

I continued to watch it. The title screen was grey scale and the episode was titled 'Arthur's Suicide'.

The Episode Edit

It was a sunny day. Arthur and Francine were practicing for a baseball tournament. Then Muffy was hanging out with Binky. After that the episode skipped to the next day. It wasn't very pleasant, because Binky was murdering people with a knife. Muffy was dead, Sue-ellen was dead and many more were murdered. My brother rushed out of the room, crying hysterically.

The students entered the class, this is one of the most horrible parts, there was a very loud scream and I was really scared when that happened. (Warning, this bit right here is disturbing.) Everyone was shocked to find a dead child. He was naked and mutilated. His guts were ripped out, and his eyes were missing, ripped out of his skull. The police were contacted. They came to investigate the scene of the murder. After that, the episode skipped to Arthur playing in his baseball tournament.

The scene was weird, as everyone had bleeding eyes. Arthur was batting while the pitcher threw the ball straight at him. He got three strikes and he got struck out. It skipped to the end of the match where he tried to catch the ball. The batter scored a home run and the score was 18-0. The Elwood City Team blamed everything on Arthur. When Arthur got home, the scene flashbacked on all that had happened. He then heard voices, saying "Do it Arthur. It was all your fault. End it! Kill yourself!" The final frame was Arthur lying on his bed, dead with blood dripping of the dagger lodged in his heart. I than proceeded to turn off the TV.

Epilogue Edit

After a while, I turned the TV back on. There was a message stating "This is your Future..." Afterwards, I got really scared and contacted PBS to warn them about the episode. They replied, saying "How could this be possible? We have no idea who made this episode, but it definitely wasn't us."

A few weeks later, PBS replied, stating "We still haven't found the maker of this episode, but we're sure it's the same maker as Squidward's Suicide." At that time, I checked on my brother he was still upset, and he said "I never want to watch Arthur again!" and I replied, "Same as me, but it shouldn't happen again."

Well, this is the end of my story. I have nothing else to say. And since up to 2014, I've haven't watched any of the episodes from Arthur again. So, the next time you come across this episode, don't watch it. Watch other things, ANYTHING other than that. It's for you own good.