She was 10 when she died, but that didn't seem to be the end of the girl. No, it was only the beginning of this tale. Her name was Annie or Avenging Annie as the locals called her. The reason behind the name was because the people believed that Annie was out to get anyone that come to "The Banshee's Forest" named after Annie. Everyone knew the tragic story behind Annie's death.  

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Before her untimely death, Annie was a girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes that wore a blue dress. Therefore, Annie was nicknamed Alice from Alice in Wonderland, for she had looked the part.  So it was lead to believe that Annie was playing Hide-And-Go-Seek with the town's children thinking it was a good idea to play in the forest. Annie hid away thinking that it wouldn't be the last time she would live.

Time passes by, Annie was still hiding away until dark came. She waited and waited for someone to come and find her, but the children forgot all about Annie. Annie was getting cold and scared from the dark surroundings that made her eyes open more. Suddenly Annie heard a noise and turned... her screams echoed the forest loud enough for the town's people come rushing towards the direction of the scream. They searched and found Annie's body laying on the ground with her eyes and tongue ripped out gruesomely. It was the end of poor Annie's life, but it was a new beginning for Annie.

Whatever you do stay away from The Banshee's Forest if you know what's good for you. If you find yourself lost in her forest you will start to hear and see her. To Annie it's a just a game of Hide-And-Go-Seek... Be warned once she finds you she will say," I found you..." Then you will see her standing in front of you with facing away until she turns directly into your eyes she will scream, and she will gladly take your eyes and tongue up for keeps.