This is a short story, written by my good friend Tiger, enjoy....

“Mummy, I’m going outside to play with my skipping rope!” Anna said to her mother.

“Okay, just be careful sweetie!” She said smiling, Anna ran out grabbing her skipping rope and closed the front door behind her.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was a typical summers day.

“La lalalalalala!!!” Anna sung little tunes to herself as she skipped happily smiling and giggling.

She stayed like this for a while until her mum called her in for a snack, she ran in giggling leaving the skipping rope on the pavement. Suddenly a shadowy silhouetted figure walked past and grabbed Anna’s skipping rope and replaced it with a rather silvery shiny looking rope, Anna ran back out giggling, she grabbed the rope and began to skip again. Skip, skip, skip, skip. This happened for a while until suddenly she tripped, the rope turned out to be made of metal wire, SKLICHHHH! Both her legs were cut through, Anna screamed and fell to the floor lying in her own blood, the remains of her legs rolled onto the pavement, Anna fell back and screamed.

The shadowy figure ran back out and laughed evilly, he had a tub of gasoline with him and poured it ALL over Anna, lit a match and set her on fire, Anna cried and screamed until suddenly the figure grabbed Anna and ate her whole, blood and feet then disappeared.

“Anna? I heard a sound are you okay?” Anna’s mum walked out calling her, no reply... She walked down the road to try and find her but she was found no where.

A week later there was a news report on TV, “A girl went missing under the name Anna, she was found yesterday with her body laying on the floor and severed feet hanging from cloth. We cannot show these images because they are too graphic for TV”

(I'm never using a skipping rope again...)