It didn't have to be like this. Everything was fine and fucking dandy before you came. I didn't think much of you at first; you were just another friend of my sister. She has always had an interesting taste in friends, but of course she never had many.

After those two days everything started to spiral out of control. Abuse, rape, child abduction and pedophilia and your name written all over it. All I could do is sit by while my sister fled for her life while my father living in another state sits back and only hears of what is happening. And my mother, the person who has suffered raising my sister and I, growing angry and more afraid. 

No one suspects me. I've always been an odd child but never had a thought like this. Not until now, with you. 

I want to feel the knife slide into your stomach, pull it out and jab it in again a few more times. Each for my family member that has had to deal with your pathetic abuse for so long. I want to see you fall to the ground and look at your wounds while it look into your eyes full of fear. I want you to look up at me and beg as I take my boot and pound it into your face, again and again and again.  

But not just yet, for now I will sit and watch while you find your way inside, that's it...just a bit closer...