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Hana ran through the dark forest as fast as her tired legs could carry her. She did not care about how exhausted she was; at this point in time, she cared only about getting away from the... thing that was tirelessly following her. But she knew that escaping was impossible, no matter how hard she tried, no matter how fast she ran or where she went. It was inescapable, whatever it was.

As Hana stopped to catch her breath for a moment, she heard a rasping, dry noise coming from somewhere behind her. Shocked and filled with fear, she turned to see a horrible creature that was standing on all fours and seemed to be grinning madly at her. Hana screamed as the warped beast jumped at her, baring it's long, sharp, yellow fangs, knowing she wouldn't move because she was paralyzed with fear. A moment before the beast was upon her, she regained the ability to move and tried to kick it. But she knew that killing it was impossible, no matter what she tried, no matter how strong she was or what the beast chose to do. It was impossible to kill.

The beast caught Hana's foot in its mouth and savagely bit her, seeming to love the cry of pain that escaped her mouth. It shook its head, letting out a growl of satisfaction as the scared girl's foot detached from her leg with a sick ripping noise. It quickly devoured the meat while Hana fell to her knees, clasping her lucky emerald necklace, and looked up, finally getting a good look at the Beast that would surely be the one to end her life. And she wished she hadn't.

The beast had a somewhat dog-like body, with four long, slender, spider-like legs and a matted, hairy tail. Its entire body was coated in blood; most of which definitely did not belong to Hana. Its mouth was full of warped yellow fangs and seemed to be placed too far down on its head, as the beast didn't seem to have a chin and its lower row of fangs seemed to just connect with the bottom of its head. Its eyes were intelligent and inhuman, and seemed to stare right through Hana. As it moved closer to finish her off, Hana noticed that around the beast's neck was a blood-soaked string attached to a partially broken, but still definitely recognizable as, Hana's lucky emerald.