Watching and waiting for him to enter

Knowing I will not depart well

Looking into the depths of hell

He walks into the room, the center

He sits there and smiles

He says it’s your time to come

I begin to cry out

He says don’t be glum

No need to pout

Your decisions are fixed in time

He reaches out for me

I take his hand

I’m staring into the face of death

Then I grasp for life, I’m awake now

He’s not ready for me yet

The pits of insanity can’t hold me back

For he is on my side

For him to protect me against all evils inside

The darkest valley of deep black

Faint fire in the distance as I walk

I fear no evil as he’s with me

I face him he snarls at in my direction

With the power of purity to protect me

Evil versus good, what a turn

The power of life against death

Chaos against order

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