I was attending biology class, when the professor's phone rang.

He picked it up and put it on speakerphone, as was his custom.

But instead of his wife or his friends starting to talk, a weird sounding sweet voice said; "Enjoy." And a piece of music started playing.

The professor, who had been in a good mood and who was very talkative (it was the end of the period, and the professor was looking forward for the holidays), became very pale, and silent.

He darted for his phone and threw it on the ground. The school bell went; holidays! "Saved by the bell," some smart-ass said. I walked past the prof and wished him a good holiday.

After the holiday, we had biology on Thursday again.

But there was no professor.

During the break I asked some classmates where they thought the prof had gone and they made some jokes about being off with the school's money, and other clever remarks, and walked away, mimicking that I was crazy.

But there was a girl who didn't walk away.

I wondered why I hadn't noticed her before, for she was gorgeous. She had long, sleek black hair, a pale skin with red lips between two blushing cheeks and green eyes.

She said in a soft, sweet tone of voice, "You'll see him soon enough" and chuckled softly. She then walked off. I joined my friends in the grass where they'd seen but hadn't heard it, and thought I had embarrassed myself and therefore made a laugh of it.

It was a warm day, but when she chuckled I felt a chill going up my spine.

That night I dreamt about that mysterious girl, I dreamt about us being on a proper date. So the next time I saw her I asked her out.

The next Friday I picked her up, and we walked to the cinema. she was dancing with a light step to the cinema, not taking any notice of her beautiful clothing, high heels with a simple black dress accompanied by a red rose in her hair.

Halfway to the movie theater she grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the mountain path. I stumbled after her.

Up we went, to the mountain peak. It was LO-VE-LY, I must say. She grabbed my collar with two hands and pulled me a slight bit down and kissed me in the moonlight. I looked off the cliff, I found the prof then and there and I didn't care.

I'd say it was a wonderful night.

A week later, one mate in my village went missing, he had been telling about going down under for half a year. He went there of course

2 weeks later, I had been seeing my girls almost every day now.

My phone rang so I picked it up; music...