i like link and mario and super nin10doh so i play game at night and day. I was home and I was in the room wen i saw box that said do not open but i did. i saw a game cartrid for teh super nin10doh so i put it in and plugd controler and a bluddy boy in green + red sad do not press start but i rebel so i did and i was playing zelda but it was dark.

evol peepl were their but blud was on walls and i was gon but mario.exe and samis were ded and hanging on a roep with wood in body and it was humerus so i laffed haha I said" but then the game stopped and flew out of consul but hit my hed.

i feel but i was not unconshis so i stod up and hit game so it landed in box. i closeded teh box amd grabed  tape and i closed box WOW THAT  WAS WERED i thought myself and about think ran in kitchen

I got flamethrowr and destoryed box hahaha i said but i burtn carpet and i ran out and house was burning.

Note never play mario pikacu samis link samislink hand sonicexe or mario. it will save life and u wont get ur home on fir like mine