It was a nice day i got dressed and went to school. When i got to school i noticed something odd. Alex was staring at me but this time not like any other time he did. Suddenly he winked at me and i gasped got out of the school bus and ran to the door. When i gone to put my coat on its hanger. Alex was there smiling i thought nothing of it. When alex went inside the class for some reason i noticed something. The teacher had shouted at me suddenly saying "GET OUT OF MY CLASS THAT IS BAD BEHAVIOUR!" i said " what did i do?" the teacher yelled once more and called more members of staff to get me. I was sat thinking but i don't remember doing anything. The teacher then said "We are ringing your parents about this issue" i was confused and asked "What issue i didn't anything!" They rang my parents not even giving a vaild issue. When i got home i got banned off my computer but i wondered why. Im sure i didn't do anything but then i remembered. I saw alex smile everything was ok before he smiled. What possibly happend did i get cursed? The next day alex was smiling again but this time with red glowing eyes and for some reason it was night time. Everyone was sitting still and screaming with blood dripping down their heads. Alex stood there holding a knife with loads of blood and looked like he was getting ready to kill me. Suddenly i ran outside everything was distorted and reversing with weird sounds. Alex was rushing faster and faster the wind got faster. I ran as fast as i could and suddenly everything went bright. Alex stopped smiling evily and looked at me with normal eyes asking "That was one thing i did to help you?" For some reason the teachers were nice and everything was back to normal. I asked my parents if they were going to punish me and they asked " What for?" I said to them "The issue which the teacher appearently told you?" they suddenly said "I don't remember any issue" was this all a dream or did alex really show his true side.