The is based off something that actually happened. But never did. Or...Did it? Anyway, enjoy!

Now this happened a while back. Me and my friend Jungleman26 were playing his Personal Server on Roblox. We were having a great time playing his game and building, talking, and other things you would do in a server.

Until on Roblox he screamed, "Did you see on the player list?!" I knew what he meant. I would always see someone leave right as I look at it.

"Yeah." I replied. Goosebumps went up my spine. We were in the attic of one of the houses, something black went across are screen.

"What the heck?!" We yelled. We were already some-what terrified. We went to the front lawn and saw some black with glowing eyes run.

"It's Herobrine," Jungle said, "But this is ROBLOX. Not Minecraft!"

"He leaked into the game. He is now. BloxBrine." He answered.

Then we did what any person would do. Stay and film it. But the footage of it is now lost. and somewhere in my friends or my computer. And now, I have almost no memory of what happened that day. If I ever find the video, I'll put it up.