John had a rough day. It wasn't fun to be the victim of such devious acts that his fellow classmates had played on him. This had been happening for a few weeks now. It all started when John accidentally called his teacher "mommy." Since then, it all went downhill for him. Today, he had been taped to a post, blindfolded, and left there for 2 hours. The day before, his packed lunch was taken off him and fed to the crows. Who knows what would happen to him tomorrow? John had had enough.

First period science.

It would have been John's favourite subject, if he wasn't sitting beside the main bully, Ralph Lynch. He received the most abuse from him. Halfway through the class, Ralph pulled out a stapler from his back pocket, and began to staple John's top to the table. John didn't know he was doing this, and he continued to do his work, while Ralph kept stapling the top to the table.

It was time for an exercise. They had to test what temperature solids would melt with a Bunsen burner.

Ralph said, "Hurry up, you faggot, get the stuff."

John stood up and went to get the apparatus, but then, half of his shirt was ripped off by the staples. Everyone stared at him. Then they smiled. And then they all laughed at him. The teacher, Mr. Franky, told them to be quiet, but they kept laughing at John and his half a shirt, still stuck to the table. This is where John really cracked.

His depressed face turned into a psychotic grin as he continued to get the apparatus as if nothing happened. He placed it all down on his desk; everyone still laughing at him. John turned on the Bunsen burner and set it to the hottest setting. He then grabbed Ralph by the hair, and threw his face into the flame. Ralph's eye was then impaled by the Bunsen burner, the flame still burning. Ralph screamed in pain. John laughed at him insanely; the whole class watched in horror as their friend went up in flames.

John then began to violently push his tormentors head further into the Bunsen. John then packed up all his books into his bag, walked calmly out of the classroom, and never came to school again. Mr. Franky ripped the fire extinguisher from the wall and tried to save Ralph. He succeeded, but just barely.

It seemed that after this day, John had disappeared from the earth. No Facebook account anymore, his phone didn't answer calls, and the most shocking thing was that his house was owned by a completely new family that I had never seen before.

Who am I?

File:I see fire.jpg

I am the man who will have to live the rest of his live, blind.

I am Ralph, and this bastard ruined my life.