There was a boy named Dylan Reaves. He watched My Little Pony every day. Not just the new episodes, he was always catching the reruns.

Dylan got scared. He knew that tomorrow he had to start 9th grade.

He cried so hard because he wanted a pony for his birthday. He knew he was not going to get it for his birthday.

He went to school.

"Dylan Dylan wake up!" Dylan's mom said.

"Mom, I was waiting for my My Little Pony song to go off."

On the bus, Dylan was humming the MLP theme. Some girl in the 7 grade called him a wus. Dylan took out his horn and said "Pegasister for life." Every one said he was gay.

Dylan hid during the day. He kept saying to himself "it's okay, it's okay."

When he got there he met a boy named Jimmy.

Jimmy said "I do not you." 

Dylan said "Hi, I'm a brony." 

Jimmy asked "Whats a brony?"

Dylan whipped out his Ipod "This is a brony".

Jimmy said "Wow! This is awesome."

"I know."

Ten days later Dylan became the brony God.

Rise up bronies.