Diane was home sick with the flu. She reluctantly dragged herself out of bed to answer the door. It was the bug man, who told her that her father had scheduled him to come spray the house.

Something about the man didn’t sit well with Diane, though. His uniform for Bugs-Be-Gone was old, worn, and stained. He also looked no more than in his mid twenties. She also thought his mustache and hair was a bit unkept for someone who worked such a public job.

She shrugged this off in figuring that she was only 16 and didn’t know him, so she shouldn’t be so quick to judge as her father had always told her.

As he sprayed in her parents’ bedroom, she quickly called her father, just to let him know the guy was there and spraying for bugs. After a few seconds of talking to her father, Diane dropped the phone in terror.

“I don’t have anyone coming over,” her father had said.

That was the last anyone heard from Diane.

(This was so terrible, I literally had to write this to make everyone feel better about themselves -xxTech_Catxx)