The following article contains information on the former body of Subject E543. It has been provided to answer the public's questions though several sections have been blacked out to protect the Asyl
um's secrets.

Location of Body
The body was located at the bottom of the River Galsboret. It was covered in a layer of sand and mud, which suggests that the body had been lying there for some time. A broken [DATA EXPUNGED] was also discovered lying next to the body along with a dirty beer bottle.

Examination of the Body
The main part of the body appears normal, though there were several large bruises present on the body's torso, arms and legs. The strangest feature of the body was the face however which has lost much of the commonly found features (eyes, nose, etc.) apart from the mouth and ears. The lips appeared to have been burnt away and the teeth forcibly extracted. Much of the face has had the skin burnt into a pale colour, probably as a result of [DATA EXPUNGED].

When questioned about the state of the body, Subject E543 would not reply and merely stare (as if entranced) at the picture. As a result it is unknown how the body came to be in this state or the nature of the items located next to it. Data relating to the former identity of Subject E543 has been given to the coroner's office. The body is currently contained in Vault E5, where it will remain until further notice.