I saw heaven today, with the downside of seeing hell. Today, I was washing the dishes in my new home, the one that I purchased three days ago. Everything was unpacked and I was finally settled. I just got the water and electricity working, and tomorrow I'll see what I can do about the gas. I had been washing the dishes to see that I accidentally let the flame on after I had finished making breakfast. I approached the fire without looking at the dense imprint of a dragged couch.The tiles were cracked, and I tripped.

The flame had no mercy on my body, and the sensation raged on my body like water boiling in a pot except the water was my skin. My face had second degree burns, my torso had first degree burns, my legs first degree burns and my right arm had first degree burns, and my injuries looked like nothing until my left arm was revealed to have fourth degree burns. You know how sometimes cartoon characters turn black from an explosion? Well, think of that on my arm, except for the fact that my bones had been exposed, the remaining muscle black, void of burnt flakes of skin.

Even though I yelled until I passed out, my cry was unheard,as it was still early and all my neighbours were asleep. I woke up and saw the mess. I couldn't operate my left arm any more, so I got on top of my right arm and climbed to the phone. It had been unplugged when I fell, and so I laid there crying. I cut off my left arm with a butcher's knife I had in one of my drawers. I heated up a pan on the flame, making it red hot, before cauterizing the stub that was once my left arm. The pain was unbearable, but I knew that I had to get to the hospital. I opened the door and began to crawl until I reached the street. One of my neighbours from across the street, who had just woken up, saw me while caring for her garden and screamed, waking my other neighbours, and so the picked me up carefully, but me into her car, and took me to the hospital.

The doctors popped the blisters, and looked at my lost left arm, asking what happened to the arm. At the thought of that, I threw up and died, for 3 minutes. I saw the Lord, and he showed me what heaven looked like, and then he showed me what hell looked like. I pleaded with him, begging him to give me second chance. Me, being a god-fearing man,he granted me a second chance, and I woke up. I saw body, in mirror. I looked ugly, my body burnt black. I picked at the burns and, I decided to kill myself. I have lost all hope of living, I am ugly, I am burnt, I'm a disaster.