Well, her name was Sara.

Sara had a doll. She went to a university. While she was packing, she came across the doll. She smiled and left it in the box to take.

One day when she finished classes at night she saw the doll and threw it on the shelf. At night she heard scampering and tried to wake up her roommate, but nothing worked so she just went to look herself.

At first she thought she was just tired, then she saw a tiny shadow. She thought it was obviously a trick, Or... maybe it wasn't.

She was walking around turning swiftly at every noise! Sara walked silently trying not to wake her roommate... She tripped.

"Ow! What the hell!?" she said.

She got back up but was pushed down again! She came face to face with her doll.

"Dolly? What the fuck?! " she said. The doll didn't hesitate. She came closer, the dolls' tiny little feet crawling on her face.

" Why? " She sobbed while the doll carved something onto her face, she was bleeding heavily. She pushed the doll and it came off, but her pajama shorts were drenched with fresh blood everywhere on her. She tried harder and harder to wake her roommate up, but nothing worked. Then the doll said "She's dead."

" No, she's not!" she whined.

"But, you're wrong." the doll said. Sara looked confused, scared, and horrified to what she saw. She turned her roommate over to see a dead body. Guts, blood, and ribs lay there. Then when Sara turned around she fell to the ground.

When the police came to the dorm, they were horrified to see open bodies. In the middle of Sara's body, right beneath her lungs, was a doll.

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