During an evening in 1934, in Los Angeles, California, there was a baker and a boy inside a bakery.  The baker was frosting a vanilla cake with white icing and the boy swept the floor.  "Max, does it smell sweet in here now, son?" the baker asked the boy. "Why yes, father it sure does!" Max replied, smelling the bakery. The baker started singing, "Sing A Song Of Sixpence", cheerfully.  All of a sudden, a thief came into the bakery, with a gun.  The baker began screaming along with his son, Max.  Without a word, the thief fired the gun twice, shooting and killing the baker and Max.  Then, he stole money out of the cash register and took off with the cake that the baker was frosting.  

One year later, the thief was wandering down a street one night, drinking a bottle of Jim Beam Whiskey he had with him.  He passed the bakery, turned, and went back.  He went inside the darkened place and strolled around.  A creaky floor-board creaked, breaking the silence.  The thief looked and in the moonlight through the windows, he saw the zombie of the baker.  The corpse still wore its white baker's uniform, but has boney-hands, and long, dark, blonde and bright-red hair and was a skeleton with rolling-eyeballs.  The thief screamed in terror as he turned around.  But he saw another skeleton in a moonlit-corner.  It had a lit-candle in its skull.  The zombie wore rags.  "I AM MAX!" the corpse moaned in a loud-rotted-voice.  The thief screamed again.  "GIVE ME BACK MY CAKE!" the zombie of the baker screamed in another rotted-voice to the thief.  He screamed one final time, as the zombie of the baker grabbed and jerked his head, twisting it around, killing him.  Ten minutes later, the baker zombie and Max the zombie of his son, sat bahind the counter of the bakery, eating another vanilla cake with white icing...AND A SKULL ON IT!!

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