Case of the Rooftop Butcher, 1998

On January 13, 1998, at approximately 02:06, three homeless men were discovered behind an unnamed store in Manchester, United Kingdom, lying dead face down in the snow. Despite there being three casualties, the area appeared to be clear of blood. The store's parking CCTV footage recorded three bodies, falling onto the floor and into the view of the camera. The witness Molly Sweeney, a college student returning home from a late out, said she'd heard a 'peculiar noise' and saw 'three black objects fall from the sky.' After the police arrived, the crime scene was immediately closed off and investigators were called in to collect evidence.

The causes of death were labelled as 'homicide' for all three bodies. Investigators discovered little evidence; revealing only that the necks of the victims seemed to have uneven red marks around them. Post-mortem examinations concluded that the causes of death were beheading, however the heads of the bodies presented did not match the size and stature of the body. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the heads of the two of the victims had been cut off and sewn back onto the other's body. The third victim's head was a mismatch from elsewhere, suggesting another body had been beheaded, and the head being transported to the location where the bodies were found. The head of the homeless senior and the body of the mystery victim are yet to be found.

A search of the branch uncovered a large, dry puddle of blood on the roof of the superstore, along with a large bloodied meat cleaver around 16 inches long and 6 inches wide. Police concluded that the killing occurred on the roof of the superstore and have not yet drawn attention on any suspects. Two of the bodies have been identified as the bodies of Mr. Lee Fowler, 56, and Mr. Aaron Johnson, 62. The last head is still unidentified, also sewn onto an unidentified body. In total there have been four victims and police will continue to search for the remains of the two unidentified victims.

Credited to Rinskuro13, aka. Happy Kitty