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Well, this is my back story... It's not much but I'm sure you can deal with it.

I was a normal girl with honey gold hair, ice blue eyes, and a healthy tan. I always wore bright clothes too if I recall correctly... but all of that changed one day. I was going over to my friend Paisley's house. She had brunette hair, was spray tanned, had hazel eyes, and always had to wear the most fashionable clothes. She loved getting me frustrated, that bitch. Her room was filled with boy band stuff, and frilly pink glittery things.

As we sat on her bed and talked, I suddenly felt a twinge of hatred for her... I ignored it and went on with the conversation then she said this: "You should be more like your sister, Jewel."

This infuriated me, I took out the knife my mom made me carry for self protection (FYI: My mom is a human eating demon, my sister's mom is an angel, and we don't know what Jr's mom is; our father is Death).

"Ches? W-what are you doing? Stop it, Ches, STOP!!!!" Those were the last words she said as I backed her into a corner, cut her open, painted the walls with her blood and nailed her organs to them.

I wrote my name in black sharpie on her decapitated head hanging from a noose on a bed post. I jumped out of her bedroom window, and sprinted to my house. I got to my room and felt weird. I collapsed on my bed and felt an intense pain for hours and then... it stopped. I looked into my mirror and screamed. My eyes were silver, my hair had turned pitch black, I had fangs and claws. My brother knocked at my door. I let him in.

"Oh my gosh.... what happened to you, Ches?"

I told him all of what happened. 

"You should go see mom about this," he said.

I went down to the lowest level of the house to talk to her. She laughed, "My child this was meant to happen at some point in your life, it's completely natural, and I chose for it to happen today." She purred.


She seemed to be rather surprised by my reaction and told me to get out, calm down, apologize, then continue to talk to her. We didn't because I took all of my stuff and moved out (having magic and friends to help really helped).

After that day I've just simply... cracked. I've shot myself dozens of times but I WON'T DIE! I've started drawing things on the walls that only make sense to ME.