Info. Edit

Hello! legofan208 here again with another lost episode. This time, it is a sequel of a creepypasta I was in called Clarence's lost episode. But, then, I got a package with a disk, and bad stuff happened, so, with that out of the way, let's start Clarence's (Other) Lost Episode!

The begining Edit

I was watching some cartoon network shows on my plasma screen TV. The amazing world of gumball, adventure time, Regular show and so much more. When I heard the door bell (Ding-dong!), what I saw was a box. a damaged box stained with blood. I opened it up. What I saw was another DVD of Clarence. I got pretty triggered very quickly because I HATED that show. Clarence's voice was so... ugh. But there was something... off. Clarence had a butcher knife on the tip of his finger. I said: "NO! Not another one of those DVDs again." I put the DVD on my DVD player. The menu had the same theme, but it was lower pitched. I was scared. There was only 1 episode when I got to the episode selection. It said: Clarence's Revenge. I was curious of what it was. So I played it.. And it was a terrible mistake, because the lights went off on the room, I was tied onto a chair, and was forced to watch the entire episode.

The Episode Edit

The episode began with Clarence mumbling in his sleep. After 3 seconds, he opened his eyes, and his pupils were crimson red. Clarence then said in a demonic voice: You will never escape from me, Legofan208." And ran out of his house. it was already raining. He went to a cartoon + Games club. And inside was the characters of cartoon and gaming from other chances videos on scratch. He said: "SWEET DREAMS, EVERYONE!" And killed everyone with pretty gruesome ways. He killed Sonic by ripping out his arms, Mario by ripping out his head, Lincoln loud by Pulling his head off, And Luna loud by ripping her out, etc... Then he went to my house, and it took me to my Scratch OC's Pespective. He then stabbed me with blood coming out of the TV. Then I felt something... Odd. I felt like I was dying, with nausea. I wanted to vomit. But then... I passed out for 10 hours.

10 Hours Later.

I woke up in a hospital bed. In my table, there was a note saying in blood: YOU CANNOT ESCAPE. WATCH THIS OTHER DVD. And the DVD cover had Clarence in a even more demonic form. Like if he felt proud for killing me for hating him.