Hello! My name is legofan208 from Scratch. If you know me, you know I HATE Clarence, including in my Chances Project. But there was a DVD of Clarence that spooked me for life. Are you ready?

The Encounter Edit

I was in a garage sale, when I found a DVD of all the episodes of Clarence. I was mad, but curious. So I went into the checkout and the cashier said: "How did you find that?" And I said: "It appeared out of nowhere." So I took it home.

The Spooky Episode Edit

I put it in the DVD player. I chose: Episodes. I went in to the last part, which was Season 4. Right after Anywhere but Sumo, There was a strange one called: The Lost Episode. I chose it, and the title card had Clarence's usual belly, but it was pale. The words said in ketchup: The lost Episode. Then it cut from a scene fo the episode: "Honk". Clarence, sadly, did not have his horn. But the vengeful students were holding toy fake guns instead of Horns. Clarence was running into the classroom, where he was SO SCARED he almost pooped on his pants. Until a voice that resembled Chad, Clarence's Father, said: "Do it, Clarence. You must escape the real world." Until Clarence found a noose that belonged to Belson. He tied his neck on the rope, holded a real gun, and shot his belly. Clarence was dead.

The dead student. Edit

Everyone was hunting Clarence until Jeff Said: "Clarence may be here. Let's open the door." Then Sumo said: "What? That's a bad idea! He may be dead." Jeff replied with: "I don't care. Let's open the door and pay for him." Then Sumo said sadly: "Ok..." Then everyone opened the door. Everyone gasped as they have seen Clarence's hung body.

The funeral Edit

It cut to a funeral. It said:

R.I.P Clarence. ????-2018. Life ended by a cause.
Everyone was crying, until they left, exepct Sumo and Jeff. Jeff said: "I am really sorry, Clarence, that horn you were using annoyed me and left much trouble, but, now that we used guns, I am sorry." Then he left. Then Sumo said: "If you weren't watching that Clown show and never got a Horn, this would not have happened." Then walked away. The episode ended. The "The end" Text was really distorted. Then the credits came. It played sad piano music. Then, when the Cartoon network Logo Clarence Variation Logo was there, The Clarence Puppet was ripped out. Then the regular present Cartoon network logo was there, but it was off. The white was replaced with red, the blue was replaced with black, and the black was replaced by crimson red. Then, the DVD ejected itself.

The End Edit

I was really spooked. I was begged for liking Clarence or else he might suffer the real fate.

I contacted Cartoon Network, and they replied with:

"Where did you find this? We are sorry we made this episode. It is believed the people from the gumball lost episode aired this once and put it in a copy of the Clarence DVD you watched did this. We will send you great stuff. Calm down with those! -Real CN Intern"

Then they sended me a DVD of The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, And Teen Titans Go: The Good Episodes. I was relieved when I saw the DVDs. Then, at the end of the box, it was a cake box. It had "We are Sorry" Written on It, one thing they nailed off was my Scratch OC, Worried watching the episode. I Ate The Cake anyways. I Could not sleep during that night.