Hello. First, and foremost; this is my first pasta. English isn't my first language, so I hope you can excuse any typing or grammatical errors. I tried to make this pasta so that it complies with the rules of Creepypasta Wikia. So that's it, please enjoy!

It was another Friday evening, I was at my Dad's place that weekend. Hmph, nothing good on TV... as if there ever has been. I was bored out of my mind. "Should I play something on my Tab? Nah, I could check my email... even though I never get any actual mail." I thought to myself.

"Hey son, come over here!" My Dad called from the bedroom. I walk over there and open the door, then my Dad said to me: "Check that closet, there should be some laptop bags there." I open the closet's door, and I pick up one of the two bags there. I lowered the bag onto the bed, opened the bag and...

Uhh, an old picture album? I stood there looking confused, then my Dad glanced at me and said: "Oh, hah, it's in the other one. Sorry." Whatever, put the album back in the bag, and the bag back in the closet. After that, I pulled the other bag out and opened it. The bag contained and old Compaq laptop.

Nothing else. I looked at the registration sticker in the bottom of the laptop. It had Windows 98 on it. I gave a small laugh to myself and said: "This is really that old?" "Yeah, and it works." My father replied. I gave my father a load of thanks, and hurried to see if my Dad's current laptop's transformer worked with such an old laptop.

Surprisingly, everything worked perfectly. I decided to boot it up. The laptop had Windows XP installed on it, and the laptop had 5 users (1 administrator, password protected.) There was only 1 user which did not have password, but neither did it have admin rights... dammit. Decided to shut it down to have a look at it's parts. That's when things started to get weird...

As soon as I started unscrewing the keyboard (unscrew from back, then pop out from above) I could've sworn the laptop gave the tiniest electric shock ever through the screw. Then it felt like the spike of electricity was getting stronger with each turn, or maybe it was just me?

Suddenly, the laptop's screen flew up, and horriffic images started streaming very rapidly across the screen. Amongst those images was a real-looking picture which showed my sister's mutated and horribly disfigured body burning in a fire. The laptop exploded, sending shrapnel and fire everywhere. We had no time to rescue my sister, because the fire was spreading extremely fast.

If you find a Compaq Armada e500, please destroy it. For your own good.