Awhile ago, I came across a disturbing video... It is by nana835763 on YouTube. It was basically an Asian doll with a ripped stomach area and blood all over its face. The doll's arms were rotating many times during the video. It starts out with a TV error black and white screen. After a few seconds of looking at it, you see a picture of a bloody room with a skull in it. The whole video was in red also.

After that, the doll appears. The doll's name is Noroi^chan. This is what it said (What it said was written, Not actually said by the doll.)

"Hi Good food HappyHappyHappy. I like red food I cook the tomatoes. Let's Cookingggggggggggg. Please prepare the tomato. Tomato is red I cut the tomatoes in pieces with a knife. Please don't cut your neck. Please burn bacon and rice cakes. Please listen to my song music start (on-stage) I like rotten food. Please put the tomatoes on rice cakes. Please rice cakes wrapped in bacon. Please insert a toothpick. Well did you? It's create four again please burn the sides. Please take the soy sauce at the end min na mo tukutte a la mode."

It ends with the black and white error screen again. Through the video, scary music was playing and there were really disturbing sounds. It can give you nightmares, also give you a seizure or a heart attack. I was surprised when I saw that the user's videos weren't banned yet, or the user herself either. She still makes videos.[1]