it was a normal saturday morning i just got out of bed and got my stuff on and went to work at applebee's when i got off work i was walking near Cartoon Network Studios and noticed a VHS in a garbage can. i went and saw what it was i picked the tape up on it it said: courage the cowardly dog "courage's owners" season 5 episode 1 i knew courage the cowardly dog didn't have a 5th season so i took the tape and went home.when i got home i put the tape in the VCR and Played it it played the normal intro and then the title appeared "courage's owners'' with a greedy art work when the episode began courage was sleeping on the rocking chair for a second muriel and eustace were going out muriel said be back in a bit courage courage ignored her and fell back asleep this was very weird because normally courage would always listen to muriel anyway a person walked into the house and started strangling courage i thought to my self about how fucked up this was.anyway after strangling courage his head pop off with blood sperding everywere i just keeped on watching the episode then courage's body was in the basement with muriel and eustace's body for about 2 hours then the screen fades to black. i still have the tape i don't watch thinking about how fucked up it is but all i know is...........i never would watch the episode agin.

The episode was scary