Back in 2010, I was an intern at DreamWorks studios. One of the best perks of being an intern there was watching the pre-screenings of the rough drafts of unfinished show episodes. My Favorite Idea was "The Coverton Show" The Show was made by the creators of Monsters Vs. Aliens. It Was About an Alien coming to area fifty-something. I was There for the viewing of the first episode called "Coverton's visit" Instead of the title it was "Coverton's Homicide" It Started With Coverton's ship landing on the grounds of the base like usual The Monsters greeted him angry, Even wanting to know "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!". Coverton was in tears, Sobbing. I Felt bad... Monger, as usual "Welcomes" Him to the base and welcomes him to stay. Coverton Agrees with the Monsters sighing and moaning "Coverton...IS...A...NASTY...FAGGOT....!" I Chuckled. The Monsters were making Coverton feel stupid by being mean, pre eatting his food, ETC. Coverton Then Screamed "YOU FAGGOTS WILL PAY...!!!" He Takes Out a egg beater and begins having sex with sussan with it. Sussan lays down covered in alien cum. Missing Link tries to get his missing cum in his pretty alien big ass butt... But... it was no use... Coverton takes the alien cum and giant girl cum and makes Link Eat it... He vomits and falls to the floor covered in CoverCum... Coverton looks at BOB and says "JELL-O SEX!!!!" and takes the link and woman cum and stuffs it up BOB's butt and faps to his butt jiggling... BOB melts into puss and Coverton does the anal dance... and faps... Then Coverton Looks at me, "MOAR SEX!!!???!!!" he screams as he feeds me CoverCum "Mmm..." I say as the episode ends... The Interns walk in and say "DUDE!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!" i say "Coverton has... a sexy... anal joint..." as I fall down with my sore anal... 

"Coverton is love, Coverton is life".