Hey, so, it's like this. I was at my grandpappy's house cleaning the toilet (he pays me nickels and sticks of bubble gum for janitorial duties) when the handle was broken. Highly realistic gore flew everywhere. It was my bad because I was cleaning the toilet with a steak knife. The steak knight, I mean knife, had 'FFEJ' written on it in all capital letters. So, I bandaged up my hand and drove to Chipotle to make my boo boo feel better. q;cP))15:08, December 28, 2013 (UTC) YUUUuuUUuUUmMMmM! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !
File:Police sonic 1024x768 12584 by lool705-d68loud.jpg

Afterwards I went back to the bathroom and slapped the toilet. "Bad toilet!", I screamed. Highly realistic gore flew everywhere again. This time I called the police. The police came, and the officer was wearing a Crash Bandicoot suit. He told me that if I didn't leave the house in 5 seconds, he'd call the police. I refused to leave, so he called the police. Then the cycle repeated again and again. I am now stuck inside the toilet while the police keep coming and coming. Also, there was a wumpa fruit in the toilet bowl and I ate it. Yuck, poo.

The End.

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