It was just another boring day. I decided to play Minecraft. I started up my computer and checked for any updates; 1.7.8 had come out, so I downloaded the launcher. After starting Minecraft, I made a new world in survival mode. I spawned, got my wood, and crafted some sticks and a crafting table. I turned the wood into wooden planks and made my pick.

I started mining, got stone, found some coal, and even encountered a few silverfish. I ran to my crafting table by a tree and made a stone pick. Night was falling, so I got my wooden planks and made a house. I set my crafting table in it and I just found out I don't have a bed. Luckily, 3 sheep were outside. After killing them, I crafted a bed with their wool and some planks and hit the hay. Just when I woke up, I noticed something strange.

There used to be a few animals nearby, but now they were gone. I ran all over the world. All gone. Even the monsters were absent... Except for a bright green shape out in the distance.

I knew it was a Creeper, so I crafted a stone sword. Thinking to myself, "This should be easy!" I ran towards it and I was two blocks away from it. It didn't move at all.

"What the heck?! Minecraft froze?! I thought this was a new computer!" I said to myself.

Just then when I hit it once, I fell down a black hole. I looked to find the Creeper with a face staring down at me, with a weird looking face. It wore a big, unnatural smile that kinda looked like Smile Dog's. And it started laughing in a devilish tone. When I looked down, I saw a pool of lava. As I looked back up towards the sky, I saw the creeper jump over the hole like nothing happened.

After I burned to death, the screen should have said, "You died! Respawn-main menu". Well, it was different.

It said: "01010101010101010101 TOO BAD, SO SAD! TOO BAD, SSSSO SSSSAD!"

It wouldn't let me return! Everytime I pressed a button, it made that demonic laugh. I HAD to tell this to Mojang! I sent an email telling them all about it, and they replied, saying that version 1.7.8 hadn't yet been released.