I got this new house for only 100 dollars. Usually houses are more than that but it's ok for me. Since I got the house I put my bed in the top room, couches in the living room, computer in a random room and supplies in the kitchen. I was sleeping but then i heard footsteps. I looked under my door seen a shadow that wasn't human at all. I didn't want to go out and see what it was cause when the person gets out they creature comes and get the person. It disappeared after A while. I checked the security camera to see what it was. What I seen was not human. It was short and purple with weird eyes. Is this A new animal or not. Cause I don't know but it's something. Something we don't know. Did the government made this creature. I was in my backyard then i noticed writings on the walls saying I'm Creepy gengar. What the heck. It was in a writing of no human writing. I was sitting in my living room. Then i noticed A short purple creature with a big smile on its face. How it speaked was weird. It was saying stuff in reversed i think. I got out of the house as quick as I can. It's still out there i know it.
File:Creepy gengar.jpg