Rollback is the first stepping stone on the CP wiki. It will be the simplest to run through and teach due to being the lowest right.

Rollbacks have the ability to rename pages and and revert vandalism, and the situations that occur with rollbacks can and will be tested.


VCROC is a huge step up from rollback; this will concentrate on teaching tools given to VCROC members, including Block and delete, as well as the teaching of the use of templates used by VCROC members.

VCROC gain the ability to delete pages, protect pages, and block users. Situations that occur will be tested.


Admin gain further tools: the ability to view deleted pages and restore them being the most prominent, as well as access to Mediawiki pages, highlighting threads, etc. They also gain chat moderator powers. These will be taught as well.

Situations that occur to administrators will be tested.

Chat ModeratorEdit

Chat Moderators are self-explanatory. Here, situations that occur in chat will test the student moderators and their ability to handle them. Situations will be quizzed and perfomance will occur straight after the class.

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