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Classes start: October 21, 2014

Class times will vary on ending but start generally at the same times: 6:00 PM US Central Time. Performance review days will ultimately be watching how each class interacts on the wiki without facilitator assistance. This will include collaboratory efforts. Chat mods will not have a performance review day on Friday or Saturday; they will instead have the performance review day on the same day.

Monday: Rollback Classes.

Tuesday: VCROC Classes

Wednesday: Administrator Classes

Thursday: Chat mod classes (Optional Class - doesn't count towards taking other classes held on this site)

Friday: Since rollback will be the biggest class, if necessary, Friday will be a second rollback class - people enrolled will be split between Friday and Monday. If not, then Friday will be reserved as a performance

Small mei

review day.

Saturday: Performance Review.

Sunday: Grading - Performance reviews will be analyzed and graded. These will determine if you have passed the class.

Each class will generally be one day only, for time purposes and to cater to new enrollments. This can be changed to become more flexible if necessary.

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