Note : this is not a creepypasta i am writing this for fun 

20 characters must survive while being taken one by one who ever the last one standing 

the characters are

Lincoln loud

Lori loud 






Rainbow dash 

They are in a random house try ask where are we A voice in a deep voice says you are all hear gross says let us go the voice says no listen there are 20 off you left you will drop like flies and the only one left i will set them free in 3 hours 6 of you will be captured begin . Everyone begins panic chloe says calm down and she will give them walkie talkie so she could look out side she then notice a Jack in the box is fowlling her she then screams she ducks under a car and breath in releafe until she realises the it is under their with her she then screams as it pulls her in the voice says  Chloe # 1 everyone blocks up the entraces they then go to sleep a cake slice then comes down and bambi bites it only to realize that it is actually a rope it ties him up and everyone tries to pull him back down they fail and he is also captured the voice says bambi #2 they then to up in the attic were they look around and notice a huge doll swallowing pinkie whole the voice says pinkie # 3 they run out and goblin begin the burst through the window and they take Timmy  the voice says Ttimmy #4 they tie up star up in a chain and pull her out the  Window the voice says star # 5 mark let's out a war cry and jumps on Jack and is captured as well the voice says Marco #6 . Faline says that the voice said 6 of us will be captured in 3 hours they then suit up and go out into the snow to fight faline hoove gets stuck into the snow and she is pulled under the voice says faline # 7 spike rarity grizz panda ice bear is pulled under as well the voice says spike #8 rarity # 9 grizz # 10 panda #11 ice bear # 12  everyone except leela is captured and she is free the end 

Captures in order 












Ice bear 

Everyone except leela