People say you learn from your mistakes, right? No. Not me anyways. I'm in the hospital right now. The doctors won't believe me. They're talking about sending me to a mental institute. Okay, I'm here to tell my story. It was Friday? No, No. It was Thursday.

I was walking home from the bus stop, after I got off. I glanced at the stop sign, something was different. It horrified me even to look at it. Under the word, "Stop" was a dent. Then, there was blood. Next to the dent. I figured it was a nasty prank that day... I was wrong. Horribly wrong.

It was later that evening. I didn't have school tomorrow, it was predicted to snow. Actually, the ground was covered in the cold precipitation now. It was... what? Ten, maybe? I don't know, sometime at night. Before midnight. I looked outside, in my large backyard, through the sliding glass door. The yard was open, so it looked like the houses around me all shared it. But, when I saw it, I screamed.

Blood. Blood... Whatever it was that was laying next to the corpse, it was covered in blood. I started crying. I shouldn't have lifted my head up... No. It was the most horrible mistake I've ever made. The creature. The thing. Pressed against the glass door. Covered in the corpse's blood. This isn't one of those stories like, "It had no eyes, no mouth, no face." No. It had a face, alright. The eyes glowed. Green. It was horribly skinny. The smile. Oh god, the smile. Ear to ear. The teeth were sharp, and had what appeared to be an organ hanging out of its mouth. It was tall. I don't have a picture. Would you take a picture in a life or death situation? I didn't think so. Where were my parents? Probably out. No time to worry about that.

The glass on the door then broke in response to the pressure the creature was putting on it. Shattered. Glass got me here and there, but I was too busy running for my life. I ran quickly, thank god the thing was slow. I reached my aunt's house in a matter of five minutes. I burst her door open, and got in. Locked the door. Where was she?

I looked in the bathroom. Her things were scattered, everywhere. Her bedroom? The same thing. I looked in the fridge, in the kitchen. I threw up. My mother's head. My father's head. The fuck? I turned around. My aunt. She was there. The creature there also.

"Oh sweetie, I didn't want it to end like this..." she said, in her sweet voice. The last thing I saw was a blur of skin covered in blood, and sharp teeth at my face.

My aunt can't be found anywhere.