I was watching TV one day. The news was on. I saw a blond guy with super short hair. I then noticed... It is not a man. It was Miley! She was wearing a short top, white pants, and a ton of makeup. Music was playing and she was out of control! My eyes started bleeding. "According to, ex- fans are going crazy. Someone died from watching. How crazy will this get?" Asked Kassandra, the news lady.

My eyes finally stopped bleeding when it stopped. I felt no pain. I could see perfectly, with the exception of blood in my eye. What happened? I called my friend, and I got her mom.  "Mrs. Frith?"I asked, "Is Anne there?" I froze. "She what?! How!? Do you think she watched We can't stop? I just heard on the news." The conversation stopped. I called my friend Tyler. "Ty!! You are okay! Don't watch we can't stop!" I said before he did anything