I am a huge danny phantom fan and I was watching an extra episode on the final dvd and it started with jack strangling jazz after she got fs on her report card. Then danny as a ghost picked up jack went invisible while holding jack danny flew above the ground 350 feet and dropped jack and he got impaled by a flag pole in his head and his body fell to the ground decapitating jack.  Maddie saw what the ghost boy did to her husband and took out a plasma gun shooting at danny. danny threw plasma balls at his shooter not knowing it was his mom and plasmias got between danny and his mom blocking the plasma ball with a barrier and maddie shot plasmias to the back of his head shooting one of his eyes out and he fell to the ground dead changing back to his human forum after dying. The next seen was dani being raped by boxghost then danny aperd behind boxgost picking him up by his neck and squeezed harder and harder until a loud snap was heard and danny threw the lifeless boxghost to the ground and kissed danis cheek and said no one will ever do that to you again or I will make them pay. Dani pushed danny to the ground getting on top of him purring in his ear but danny disappeared. The final part depicted sam and tucker in sams bathroom and tucker was tied up with a gag in his mouth and sam took out a 5 inch hunting knife and started making cuts on tucker and danny was in the room watching with a smile as sam made one cut then 5 then 7 tucker crying while he was being cut. After 14 cuts sam made sure not to make the cuts on the vital points then she put salt on all of the cuts and tucker screamed in the fresh sharp of pain. Danny turned in to a ghost put his hand in tuckers chest and took out his heart with a twisted grin on his face and the episode ended