I never play Minecraft alot, until one day my parents gave it to be for my birthday for no reason, I never told them I liked Minecraft. So I loaded up my game on the PC and checked it out. The strange thing was multiplayer had disapeared. And instead of saying 'singleplayer' it said 'Play Alone.' So I clicked Play Alone and configured the world settings. Once it had loaded, everything seemed pretty normal. That was until I hurt any animal. They started whimpering and blood started gushing out. I didn't expect this, but I carried on playing! When I looked up there was no sun, but it was still shining.

After a while it got down to night time, and I swear my screen got way foggier (even though i was on render distance far!) Not much longer in the chat box I saw a message saying 'Wake Up' It kept saying 'Wake up' Until It got in capital letter "WAKE UP!" Then I heard laughter just a tiny essence of laughter. This freaked me out, but I still wanted to play the game, about a minute later a text box appeared again saying "I warned you..." Wall by wall my house was getting torn apart. All the mobs even the not hostile ones just died randomly. Then block by block the world was getting destroyed. Then the sky turned red and the mobs appeared back, but with eyes pixelated red staring at me, coming closer slowly. Then they started laughing.

The laugh was only a mad person's laugh though. Then one last text box appeared "You're still asleep. You were always asleep" Somehow I was on F5 and my face was with gauged out eyes and arms chopped off, the shock in my eyes. I don't know how the computer done it, but I must of fainted, because when I woke up it was noon and the messages were "The nightmare isn't over." I had an erge to smash the computer, my hand burning up, although the scary part was the computer did turn off, but then appeared back on with bold red writing



It kept saying that over and over again.

I felt a wave or creepiness.

And that is how my tale goes.

Written by DeathDuck