Story One- Beware the curse

October 16th, I just finished watching the first tape and what ever i saw was so beyond fucked up i almost puked. Ok how the tape started was a blue screen than chatter between two people. The man with the camera and another person. I couldn't make it out but it looked like a another man with a beard. Anyways These guys were part of a news team and they had to do a story about the missing kids in a small town. Well the reporter met up with a women that was the head of Police. The camera's freaks out for a min than come back to sync. The women and the reporter are sitting down talking about the missing kids. She tell them "We been looking for these kids for months. The last place they were seen was in a park. The families of these missing kids are worried sick about them." So the reporter said "Is there any myths about anything in this town?" She looks at them and said "Well there is one. But its a false roomier but the story is there was this couple that were mentally insane, They would take young kids from the age 12-15 if they were girls, the husband would rape them and get them pregnant if they were boys, the wife would rape them and make them her sex slaves. After we found out about it we went to there house to arrest them. Bust the door down and they were dead. Blood was everywhere on the walls, the floor and on the couch. They were nude so I think they had sex before dying who knows." The camera man look at the reporter and the reporter asked if they could to go see the place were the couple took the kids. The police woman said yes and they took off and that's where the camera film ended. Than two mins later it started back up they were at a house. The police woman said "Ok this is the place were we found the couple dead. want to go inside?" The camera man said yes lets go and they went in. They looked around to see a mark of the beast on the wall and this symbol (It's a Star with a upside down cross in the middle). Than they heard a noise coming form the basement. So they went down to see what it was. When the Police woman turn the light on the noise grew louder, Once they got to the where the noise was there was people standing around listen to some high pitch noise also there was a little girl nude in the middle of them. The woman said "STOP! LET HER GO!" they stop and looked at them one tilted her head and started screaming. They started to fun but the Police woman is grab drag down and started to get torn up. flesh is everywhere the reporter said "Fuck this man let's go now!" As they started to run the people grab the reporter and started killing him too. The camera man booked it, kicked the door and made it outside. He start to patent then his camera start freaking out. He looks up and there small kids staring at him with cold dead black eyes. He told them to stand back when he turns around the dead police woman is staring at him, she screams and attacks him. the camera is drop and you see him getting eating alive and it cuts off there. I don't what i saw but it was so disturbing that i almost puke. Well im going to bed ill watch the next tape tomorrow. Night.

Story Two- It's life or death

October 17th, Ok i just watch the second video and i got to say it was more disturbing than the last one. This second one had writing that said "It's life or Death" on it, When i started watched it how it began was these girl were sitting around a fire drinking beer and telling jokes. The camera person was a young girl no younger than 17. They started talking about this Myth of the woman in the forest. The camera girl asks about the Forest woman. So one of the girls started talking about and how it went was "the year was 1994. This 16 year old girl went to the forest to find her dog. She ran into a open area where nothing was there no trees, no grass and no animals. So the girl kept calling her dogs name until this 6 foot tall dark shadow grab her and made it her personal puppet. Ever since than she was never found". the camera girl ask "wait how do you know this?" the girl that told her she looked at her and said "It's been around town for years duh". So they went back to talking about boys like any girls dose. Then she asked "Why don't we go to the forest where this woman is at?" All the girls look at her like really? She goes off by saying "We should unless your scared?" the hottest girl walk to her bend over and said "Ok we will go at night that's when she comes out. see you later tonight." and that where the camera ends. Five mins later it came back with the girls in a car listen to Dub Step. the camera girl asked "How much farther do we need to go?" the girl that was driving she stop and said "were here." They get out and see the area where the girl was taking. They start chatting and the camera girl starts walking to the middle, she puts the camera down than she sits and start smoking a cigarette. She was talking to herself saying "If there is a forest woman I want all those girls dead." She finish and throws the cig away and stands up. Before she grabs the camera a figure from far walks from one spot to another. I pause the Video and notice something about the figure. It had Blonde hair and it's 5'9 not 6 foot. I resume the video, the camera girl went to the other girls. They ask her were she was? She said " I just want to have a smoke why?" they just looked at her and kept talking. But something caught there attention. The camera girl looks up and see the figure running across. She Said's "Um girls i think were not alone?" the hottest girl walked up to her and slap her "Stop being a c**t! grow up alright your almost a woman why cant you be a big girl and shut the fuck up! god damn i swear" the camera started shaking and she said "Um um um" She looked at her and said " I swear im going to bitch slap you if you don't shut up!" The hot girl turns and see her friends staring off to the woods. The hot girl said "What the fuck you staring at?" Than a loud scream was broke though the woods and this shadow figure starts running to them. They scream and start running. One of them said "There a house let's go in there she wont follow us in there". So they ran in there and locked the door. You can hear the door being banged on and the shadow figure yelling "Come out i just want to talk!" They kept quite for a while until it went away. The hot girl said "I think it's gone?" one of the other girls look out the window and the shadow figure grab her and drag her though the window. They start running up stairs when the other girl got caught by the shadow figure and drag off. The camera girl and the hot girl went into a bed room and locked the door. The camera girl ask the hot "Hey i got a question for you?" She looked at her and said "Yeah what is it?" the camera was put down and you see the 17 year old girl starting to strip her clothes. The hot girl ask "What the fuck you doing and why you stripping?" She got fully nude. Pulled a knife on the hot girl and told her to strip. The hot girl slap her and the 17 year old girl cut her cheek and told her to strip. So the hot girl started stripping. Once the hot girl was nude the 17 year old started kissing her and cutting her head off while kissing her. The door was getting beating by the shadow, Than after the hot girl's head was cut off and the 17 year old girl looks at the camera got close to it. She sat down to look at the camera. Than the door got busted open and the shadow figure looked at her. She said to the camera "Mother is over there dead im the only pretty left." than she started laugh and the tape ended there. Now i don't know where the old man got these tapes but im starting to think he was into some weird shit. Well im going to bed i got two more tapes to go. Ill write later night.

Story three- The man in the trench coat.

October 21th, Ok now im getting scared. After the last Video i watched i swear to god that these tapes are fucking with me in my goddamn head! I finished watching the third tape and i just have to say what ever this old man into he a sick fuck! Anyways this tape had blue tape around it and it said T.M.T.C (The man in the trench coat). How this one began was this college kid was wearing glasses with a camera inside the glasses. You cant see it. Anyways he would go around, ask girl for help with his homework and end up fucking them. After he was done fucking them he would upload them to a porn site. Well one day he asked a girl to help him with his work. She said she cant he watching her. he ask "Who watching you?" She brought him in close and whisper in his ear "there a man in a trench coat that watches my every move. I wish i could but i can't. Not what happen last time." He ask "Last time?" she told him to go and he went on his way. he looked back and saw the Trench coat man talking to her. He turn around and went up to him and pushed him. Told him to leaver her alone! He looked at him and walked away. She stood up and said "Wow your the first person to tell him off." He asked "Who the fuck was that guy?" Ill explain later she said. She took his hand and they started walking. He looks back and see the man with a long blade knife. Later that night he walked her home. they got to talking and they kissed and he went home. when got home and the first thing he notice was his computer had a video up. He clicked on it. The video was a Music Video of Wait and Bleed by Slipknot. At the end of it, it said "Were coming after you fro what you've done!" he turned his computer off. He went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. He sigh and open the caber to grab pills when he close it he saw the figure he turn around and nothing. he laugh a little saying "It's just in my head". The next day on the tape he met up with the girl that he saved from last night. They got coffee and she asked "What's with the glasses sweetie?" He came up with a lie "I have very bad eyes and im kinda blind in my right eye so that's why i wear them". She giggles than they kiss. She said let's go back to your place. He said ok and they took off. When they got to his place she pushed him on the bed and started stripping. She told him "Im sexually Active and im falling in love with you". She took his pants off and the next thing i saw was her tits bouncing they were listing to E.T. The Dub Step Version. She took his glass off and put them on. She looked and she saw the men in the trench coats. She scream he looked at her and said what? She points to the window and he see nothing "Hun there nothing there". They went back at it. the glasses fell off her face, he put them back on and saw her head was getting cut off. he pushed her dead body to the first guy, He go his pants on and locked himself in the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and said "If anyone finds these glasses please let the police know there lunatic running around." he turn around and the second man standing there. He punch him in the face and the mask came off. What he saw next was the man had fangs and he said "O really now? ILL SHOW YOU A FUCKING LUNATIC!" He grabs the glasses and puts them on the counter and starts tearing the guy and bleeding him to death. After the blood was all over he grabs the glasses and said "Fucking pig" he drops them and crushed it. End of the Tape. After watching that i started getting a nose bleed. I want to finish the last tape but im scared too. Sigh im going to bed ill finish the last tape and burn them. I haven't heard from paul in a while im going to call him and see if he ok. Ill write about the last tape night.

Story Four-Bad Trip/Final entry

October 31th, Ok i have a camera recording on me because im going to see what happen to paul. But first i want to talk about this last tape (He shows the tape) It has a green tape on and it said "Bad trip" Well how it started off with a group of friends doing drugs but this has two diff camera angles. Well the first one was this kid and his friends talking about a drug called "Pixie Dust" It's a colorful powder and whom ever smokes it, snort it or eats it gets a really good high but the side effect are seeing things, Having the urge to kill someone or bleeding from the mouth. So one of the kids went to a drug deal and ask for Pixie dust. The Dealer said "I need some money." the kid said "Can i do a rain check?" the dealer said "I guess but i need the money tonight if i don't get my money your life will be short buddy". the kid laugh and didn't care for this warning. When got back his other friend with a camera said "Where the drug man?" He said, the other kid looked at him said "Hold your damn horse man im making lines". After he made the lines they all sorted the Pixie Dust. Soon after they started getting high, One of them started laughing but than there was a knock at the door. The second kid with a camera open the door and he saw the dealer. The dealer asked "Do you have my money?" The first kid with the cam said "Yeah i got it right here." he give the guy the middle finger and the second kid shut the door on him. They kept getting high until the second kid with a cam said "Im going home man. Good night bro" The first kid said "Alright you ok to walk home?" He said Yeah. As the second kid started walking home he see a guy follow him, the kid start walking faster. Soon the person caught him and started beating him to death. the kid asked why is this happening? The dealer comes over with an axe and said "You shouldn't of blown me off than". The last thing i saw was the axe swing to his face. Than it went to first camera. Where his two other friends were leaving. He told them bye and he kept snorting the Pixie dust until he heard the knock on the door. he though it was his friend until he look though the eye hole and he saw the dealer. The dealer said "You owe me now i want my money!" the kid said fuck you! Than it went quite until the axe hit the door and you hear him say "Im coming for you motherfucker!" He kept going at until he got his hand the door to open it. The kid grab a knife and stab his arm. The Dealer scream pulled his arm back from the knob. The kid tried to run but his thugs broke in and pinned him down. The dealer walks in and see the kid on the ground. The final words were "You should of paid me." The dealer lifted the axe and it came down than it went black. Now it's Halloween and im going to burn these tapes and record it. But one more thing i think someone following me, I just want to let my family know i love you and always have if you find this please don't read it just get rid of it please. im out This is good bye.

Now for the tape he made what happen was. After he wrote in his Diary, he grab his camera and the tapes. he started to burn the tapes which you were not to do. I forgot to write that down on here sorry. Anyways After burning the tapes he get a text from his Paul telling him to come to the old mans house he got to show him something. So he ran to the old man's house to find Paul on the steps. He walked up to Paul and asked if he was ok? Than his head rolls off. He start panicking. He turn to see the old man staring at him and hissing. The old man slaps the camera out of his hand and he start attacking him. After he killed the kid he picked up the camera and he said "beware of the curse" hiss and breaks it. That's the end of the tape.


Credits go to: USMCdevildog199837.