Warning: This story aint for kids under 11 years Edit

Are you ready for the bootleg Deltarune chapter 6? As if the game wasn't creepy enough!

The beginning Edit

One day I was searching for Switch games on my local game store. When I saw Deltarune Chapter 6. The cover had Kris holding his/her knife as he/she would do on the last moment of Chapter 1.

It was funny, since Deltarune Chapter 2,3,4, and 5 haven't come out yet before the final chapter.

So I decided to buy it. It costed me $6.66. I said to the cashier: "How could Deltarune get so spooky?" But i took that game anyways. I put the cartridge on my switch, and it had no icon picture, but the text said: "Deltarune ZOMGSCARY" But I decided to play it, curious of what it will be.

The Middle Edit

It started with Kris in a dark void. I walked about for a bit, until a RED JEVIL came. He pushed Kris off a cliff.

Then cut to the darkeners' world. Kris, Susie, and Ralsei were there, all lying dead, blood coming out. I screamed, since I don't want them to die because I am part of the Fandom. They all had text boxes saying: "Please... help us. jevil killed us."

Then I was playing as Lancer. Then the same Jevil Came and said:

"Hello you little Lancer. I killed all your friends. They will never come back."

Then Lancer was crying and said:

"Can't you see What you have done?"

Then Jevil responded with:


And pushed Lancer off a cliff. I screamed again.

Then it showed Lancer's mangled body. Then Jevil busted at my screen and said:


Then the game crashed.

The End Edit

I uninstalled the game, Took out the cartridge, and smashed it to bits, and put the cartridge in a garage sale.

I was never gonna play it again.

Yesterday, I played Deltarune, remembering that horrible moment.

Beware, when you see a bootleg game, Don't play it. If you do, You will have a bad time.