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Hello, some of you may know a show called Dino Dan. About a boy and his family who see dinosaurs in a modern city. I am not joking, this show is weird and disturbing. I have two theories for it though.

First TheoryEdit

Dan is an LSD Addict or Schizophrenic, and he takes drugs and sees into the weird world of dinosaurs, nothing he does is real, and clearly you can see because would we live in a city with dinosaurs? Probably not. His father died because he had a massive trip, and killed himself because he though a T-Rex would kill him on a bridge.

Second TheoryEdit

After the events of Jurassic Park, humans are forced to live with dinosaurs in cities, Dan's father was killed by a dinosaur and his mother is absent minded because she is paranoid, and cannot trust dinosaurs. People are rather paranoid and even so, the humans are forced to tame the dinosaurs; Natural Evolution at it's finest. And after this breakout, millions of towns and cities have been destroyed, and only 700 Cities and Towns are left. Including Dan's. These cities are quarantined from each other, and hundreds of people still die from dinosaur attacks. Also, very secretly, a generation of people who degraded into Cavemen live in one of the destroyed towns.