I have them. Who, you wonder? Oh don't worry, you'll figure it out sooner or later. Of course, I mean later. I'm laughing now, with the blood on my face and hands. Oh the sight is so wonderful to see. SNAP! One. ​SNAP! Two. SNAP! Three. SNAP! Four! Oh the joy! Breaking the bones of these people sounds so joyful to my ears, laughing as they cry and scream.

The blood on the walls. Oh, the stained walls! Stained with many others' blood from before! It delights me so! "Please don't cry," I say to the victim before I inject the needle."It will only hurt a lot!" She screams as the needle drives into her wrist area. The sound gives me pleasure!

As they wake up they see themselves in my choice of clothing, just for them! As I do the female's hair, she pleads as I tug it in pigtails. The joy! As I set the stage, they beg and plead. I just stand there and laugh.

Now I tie the strings onto them! My favorite part! Shoulders, hands, elbows, knees, legs, feet. I love this! 

Testing them, it works! A successful turnout!

As the stage curtains open, it's time to start the show!